Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Regarding Sardana dance...

The name SARDANA refers to a popular Catalan dance, where people conform a ring united by their raised arms. Oldest records about Sardana are from year 1552. However, its origins are not so clear:

Version 1: astronomical dance: 
  • 24 compass times (like the hours of the day),
  • The sound of a instrument called “flabiol” at the beginning is like the song of a rooster (cock) indicating the beginning of the day,
  • Short steps (calm and slow) are referred to the first hours of the day (there are 8 of them)
  • Long steps (with the maximum jumping) mean the middle of the day (16 of them)
Version 2: from Greece: because of the sweet, soft movements
  • Empuries (Greek colony)
  • War against Turkey in Greece (Middle Age)
Version 3: from the origin of the name
  • Sardenya island (Italy) 
  • or Cerdanya (Catalonia Nord-France)